Deep Risk Management

Stop loss insurance for downside risk in value-based care (VBC) models.

Stop Loss

Deep Risk Management (DRM) was created to help physicians and healthcare entities engaged in at-risk value-based care models reduce and transfer financial risk.

Medical practices and management groups running a population health or episode of care program can often increase their upside by taking risk.  However, most groups are unaware of how the financial risk-taking process works, and either leave considerable money on the table, or elect not to take on risk at all.


There are two main reasons groups are either leaving money on the table or not taking risk:

1) Groups do not understand how they are projected to perform, relative to their benchmark and/or target pricing.

2) Groups do not understand how cost drivers and potential interventions can impact performance.

There are several sophisticated data analytics companies that can organize and structure data to show groups where they are performing well or performing poorly.  There are also a handful of specialized underwriting teams that will provide stop loss quotes once brought the complete terms of a deal.

Few, if any, can do both.


DRM is a groundbreaking brokerage with the relationships and capabilities to bring best-in-class data scientists and actuaries together. Clients that work with DRM thus have a major advantage when participating in, or negotiating, innovative payment models.


DRM has unparalleled access to stop loss insurance markets and sophisticated capabilities – supporting practices and helping them understand and transfer their financial risk.
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      Patient Safety
      Using Deep Risk Management to Improve Patient Safety


      DRM coordinates, and helps clients navigate, several highly complex fields – delivering cutting-edge products and services.  DRM can equip medical practices of all sizes with the tools to compete with even the largest systems – all while helping them understand expensive cost drivers and improve care coordination.

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